L'ET REVIEWS: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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So came the death of Voldemort and the end to the Harry Potter series; or so we thought. With the coming of August –or as fans would know on both counts, Potter’s birth month introduces the much-anticipated theatrical sequel, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Based on the original story by JK Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne bring forth a theatrical production with the magical world making its continued existence as we are brought nineteen years into the future –a world with Voldemort vanquished and his followers quashed. “What could Ms. Rowling possibly spring from the recesses of the damp and dark with her greatest-of-evil antagonist gone?” –doubts from a critic whom prefers to not be named but otherwise brings valid point. The plot begins with 11-year old Albus Severus Potter being brought before the famous platform 93/4 as he begins every wizarding child’s rite of passage –into a world supposedly unknown to us muggle twats living clueless on the other side. So what could possibly be curse-worthy of a child that overshadows ol’ Voldy and his army of Ds? Who is this cursed child? What darkness plagues the wizarding world once more?

“Perhaps our mistakes are meant to be looked through the backward lens and never be fixed by dwelling on that which lies in the past.” First words uttered by L’ET Reader after a long reading stupor. Wise words that perhaps hold greater clues on what’s to come in this promising read. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is slated for its live theatrical opening at the Palace Theatre, London. Tickets are priced between £15 to £70 per part with a special ‘Forty Friday’ at £40 for both parts –first come, first served 40 tickets. If you’re out of London like most of the world, be sure to grab a copy of the rehearsal script in its golden-clad hardcover book at your local bookstores. A little fun tip for those ahead in the books, Team L’ET ‘s new favourite character be the Trolley Witch. Period. Duration: 4 hours or less. Rating: 4.5/5.0 Chocolate Frogs

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