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L'ET Travels: Israel by Eileen Chew

Into the heart of the holy land, photographer hobbyist Eileen Chew takes a step into the gem of the middle-east. A short ways southeast off the Mediterranean coast, Israel is a land of known not only for its biblical references but as a cultural marvel holding historical landmarks dating back in centuries.

A walk through the photographer's lens not only reveals breathtaking scenery but a deeper look into the human element of this vastly differentiated community of Jews, Muslims, Armenian and Christians. Also, now a land perhaps on the brink of destruction as war creeps slowly along its borders.

"A labyrinth of narrow alleys follows as you enter into the Old City. Within the walled City, you will find the four different quarters which are unevenly segregated for the Muslim, Christian, Armenian and Jewish sectors. Each quarter has its distinct flavour and history, a great experience to walk through and soak in the unique sights and sounds."

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