Ah! Music to my Ears

Snatching one of three winning applications of the 2016 Swarovski Designers of the Future Awards was London-based Japanese sound artist Yuri Suzuki.

The challenge; working with household name crystal connoisseur, Swarovski in the conceptualisation and creation of crystal applications beyond blatant product design and glamorous show pieces.

Heavy roots in sound artistry inspired Mr. Suzuki, realising the mechanical crystallophone marvel, ‘Sharevari’. Carefully fine-tuned and crafted, the 16 crystal bells produce an orchestra of different pitches struck by small brass hammers.

The installation showcased by Swarovski and Mr. Suzuki in partnership with Art Central, aimed to create an immersive and interactive experience for its audience; where it was possible for anyone to create their very own orchestral masterpiece via sound sensors through simple hand gestures.

The L’ET team spent some time speaking with Mr. Yuri Suzuki to better get into the head of the intriguing veteran sound artist.

Q: What is the inspiration behind ‘Sharevari’?

I’ve always had the intention to explore the feasibility of materials, of finding out how each could become a musical instrument. Since I was provided the task of challenging crystals and its innovation with Swarovski, I found my direction and created ‘Sharevari’.

Q: What, in your opinion, would be the two major things you have always wanted your audience to know?

I always want my audience to experience my art works (Sharevari in this case and time) in person and especially without the need to explain them in words. Just simpley enjoying the beauty of sound which in most cases in general, is most underrated amongst the five humans senses and collective experience.

Q: What would you like to encourage or inspire in your audience with the ‘Sharevari’?

I enjoy seeing my audience of different ages, size and different walks of life -like kids, parents, professionals, etc. How they interact with Sharevari with their own eyes at the Art Central, performing with the Sharevari in their own creative ways; it’s interesting to see how they interact and immerse in the instrument.

Q: Apart from the inspiration from this current works, how have you tried to inspire as an artist?

I would like to inspire people to recognise the power of sound and to also explore the usage of different materials to make sound via my art works.

Q: The creative applications of crystals are intriguing. Are there any future projects you would venture into with Swarovski to promote Art further?

I want to propose another usage of the crystal which is related to the sound of Swarovski. It could be in another form of expression but perhaps not an installation like this one. Maybe even more on the usage of other different Swarovski crystals available.

More on Sharevari by Yuri Suzuki at, https://youtu.be/SynRu2F3MUI

More on Art Central Hong Kong at, http://artcentralhongkong.com

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