Goldwell Colorzoom 16: D!SRUPT

Photo by: Sebastian Tan

Everyone knows a look can never be complete without an alluring hairdo, as in fashion; one does not strut without darling’ tresses and emboldened locks. Where better to look than under a slew of poetic neon lights as Goldwell Color Zoom D!SRUPT Hair Show 2016 bedazzles the runway in hair of Color, Shape & Texture. Reeling in flocks of passionate stylists whom gather together for one purpose; to discuss and further the evolution of hair. Like most creative arts, hair styling is an acquired taste and most definitely the unique profession requiring years of training atop creative flair. In this day and age, the term ‘freelance’ is known as this particular common trait emerges amongst the craftsman of these arts. A story told by many in the industry over the relaxing weekend blow-dry, that hair stylists constantly require refreshing perspective in order to thrive –bluntly put by a professional stylist of many years that many find solace through gathering experience hopping from salon to salon. Under tutelage from various roots, each stylist brings with them a flavor foreign to challenge the fashion of hair. Under a slew of neon lights D!SRUPT showcases in Singapore, bedazzles the runway in categories of Colour, Shape & Texture. Much like the alluring feathers of the peacock, winner of the New Talent Colorist category Xavier Chin dresses hair in a mix of magenta and blues –receiving a resounding ovation for his impressive handiwork. Also a master of color, Jacky Tan cinches the title of Creative Colorist with his interesting blend of the brown hues paired with strokes of ash green. Perhaps the highlight of the night came from the stunning feature themed: Texture. Styled in stunning jet-black, each model personified by their significant looks draped in Avant Garde akin to an enthused fashion stage –brilliant creative handiwork from the stylists at Evolve Hair Studio. An otherwise interesting spectacle, opening our eyes into the world of hair and craft of intricate hair design by the team at Goldwell Color Zoom D!SRUPT Hair Show 2016. Fancy a peak into the glamor of the night or simply wish to enjoy a myriad of hair inspirations for your next-do, visit the Goldwell Hair Show 2016 Facebook page. More information on the event and its organizers can be found at

Mr Atsushi Yoneyama , President of Kao Singapore at Color Zoom 2016.

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