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L'ET Travels: Pakistan by Daniel Chin

Beautiful, colorful & vibrant, Charmed by the urban landscapes and the local community, Photographer Daniel Chin brings us a unique insight into the beauty behind Islamic Pakistan.

Centred around the war-torn strips of the Middle-East and South Asia, the country sees constant conflict in and around its borders. Misconceptions birthed from the spread of its association to terror, corruption and dangerously 'developing' communal infrastructures, many a times seen as that dangerous faraway place dotted somewhere on the globe amidst a never-ending warzone.

However, much of it depicts from the perception shaped by an often biased media outlook.

Feeding our insatiable forlorn and romance for the foreign, Daniel photographs moments through actual subjects in their own time; bringing us a different look into the everyday goings-on as native Pakistani.

Photography: Daniel Chin

#travel #travelogue #pakistan #art #culture #people #middleeast #islam #lifestyle

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