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L'ET PROFILE: Isaac Tng - Illustrator

“All of my pieces were done with ink.” –At the tender age of 27, Isaac Tng, the young Director of Sixmoredays creative agency shares with us the inspirations behind his hobby pieces.

With latest pieces from his series on explorative animal illustrations, the L’ET team is allowed a look into his creative head space; sharing with us some of his insights on striking a balance between the passion for creativity and every creatives’ need to prepare for the arduous road ahead here in Singapore.

Your art style is rather unique. How would you describe its style?

I’m not sure a specific term can encompass the description of the style, but one can describe them more as detailed studies of animals and birds – their anatomy, their reactions to emotions and the detailing of how all this comes together, right down to the how the fine hairs on their bodies react in motion.

The pieces weren’t meant to be geographically accurate or overtly realistic. Most of the time, they were about composing similar traits or aesthetics together, and highlighting how similar, yet different these creatures were.

What was the inspiration behind these pieces of art? Does it have any reference to your background as a graphic designer/designer?

The process started when I started observing animals closely, and embarked on a process of researching them, their habits as a species, indigenous habitats and genetic traits. It had not much to do with my background, more so just the love of animals; the desire to get closer to them.

Do you hope to inspire other budding artists and designers with your works?

I do. There are tons of other artists out there whom are far more talented than I am. Whilst it is an uplifting thought to be able to inspire them artistically, I would prefer to show them that they can still indulge their passions while making a decent living in a place like Singapore. Not every artist has to struggle whilst creating, and not every artist has to sell out whilst profiting.

The creative field is a harsh one. As an experienced individual, what advice do you have for those going down the path of their passions? Be firm about what you want, but always have a Plan B. Doing what I love has not always been smooth sailing, with even those close to me questioning the feasibility of my choices; but this simply pushes me harder, because pride and passion drives me to prove these people wrong.

However, that does not mean you become stupid to reality by not having a back up plan; not everyone is lucky and in dedicating themselves entirely to one goal, they trap themselves when defeated. Have a back up, and if you fail, casually revisit it whilst pretending that was your plan all along.

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