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Celebrating the Freedom to Love on its annual count, the PinkDot SG will be held tomorrow at 3pm, Hong Lim Park. With increasing influence and presence, the event was reported to have had a whopping 26,000 attendees in the year 2014; with numbers unrevealed last year.

Since its success following PinkDot SG 2011, many international countries have joined hands to organize similar freedom to love events under the same moniker. Globally recognized brand names such as Twitter, Bloomberg and Google are amongst sponsors for the event, showing their support for the campaign’s stand on promoting equality in the choice to love.

However, the event has come under scrutiny specifically from religious communities around the world. Much closer to the source refers to the not-so-subtle neighbourly dispute happening in Singapore, where Muslim and Christian representatives speak strongly against the values it supposedly infringes upon societal norms; namely in the instances of traditional marriage.

More than just wardrobe issues, the Wear White movement began in 2011 through joint support of Faith Community Baptist Church, LoveSingapore and several Islamic communities. Countering PinkDot SG and its beliefs, this movement sees an annual following congregating in similar fashion at religious establishments such as mosques and churches –apart from the initial display at the outskirts of the park venue itself in earlier years.

(Source: The Straits Times)

Having been extremely vocal against issues relating to the LGBT community, Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC preaches his message against the homosexual lifestyle and its liberal ideologies –to some cases referred to as the LGBT agenda. In his message to followers this year, he enforces that the Wear White movement runs in support for Singapore’s view on importance of a family unit –also touching strongly the law referring to 377a, which forbids acts of indeceny between males in public or private.

What are the homosexual lifestyle and the LGBT agenda you ask? As of now, the much-acclaimed pastor points his message toward the generalization of the community being promiscuous in their habits of love-making –a risky claim which looks strongly at a relationship solely on a sexual standpoint solely.

How will it affect a union between heterosexuals as they continue their love and wed moments of traditional marriage on their wedding night? Unclear. Conservative as Asians are, such detail into sexual innuendos is highly taboo in conversation especially amongst family and friends.

Interestingly the PinkDot press release and statements in advertisements hold little to no mention of an agenda or pointed protest taken toward the 377a mentions that heavily bang on the sexual side of a union. Themed “Our Heroes” this year, PinkDot celebrates heartwarming acceptance stories of family and friends to the coming-outs of their loved ones whom identify as LGBT.

Despite all commotion brewing over the past weeks, both events will be taking place on the same weekend –with participating Christians and Muslims coming together against the pink waves. Perhaps the saying does ring true in these scenarios of somewhat alliances. Where the saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy, is my friend”.

So the biggest question is, will you go Pink or White this weekend or choose one or few other colours of the rainbow? Perhaps black and blue –or as they say colloquial, blue-black like this lengthy debacle.

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