Passion's Triumph

How often we share inspirational videos of the rags-to-riches, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel kind of goosebumps-worthy journeys. Yet, after these minute-long affairs, we carry on our days, mulling over our slightly uninspiring lives and keeping to our comfortable spots at home and at work.

We often convince ourselves that such stories are not suited for us, because our passions or even personal talents would not catapult us to success –or so we are mostly taught to think in o-so-conservative Asia. This is unless, of course, if our passion is to study hard, land an enviable job and strive to make it rich through big paychecks. Such, is undeniably laudable but at what cost?

Such is similar in the story of artist, Chin Chun Wah. Having to spend a good part of his career as an advertising manager for a corporate giant, Chin was forced by harsh times and the need for money in a rapidly expanding Singapore –hardly an ideal time for a budding artist.

Passion however, never left him. Making his return to the scene after a whole 36 years, Chin picked up his brushes and markers some 3 years ago. Wherein it is through these unadorned tools, Chin births haunting creations filled with much of his heart and spirit, bringing together all of his passion, depth, and history.

Collaborating with Ode to Art, Chin began another year of impressive work with Moments, an exhibition that showcased many newly-inspired works alongside masterpieces created by the veteran decades ago. One sees a stunning comparison that shows not only growth in his skill as an artist but the differences in the subjects of his paintings –namely his favourite which features the Singapore River.

Chin’s story reminds us again that time and age wait for no man. Equivocally; Man should never succumb to them as measures of when we can or cannot do anything. In truth, we have it a little easier than our forefathers. We have a little more opportunity, a little more exposure. Coupled with a maybe on a tad too much convenience, where we seem to lose our bearings and passion fairly often. Ironic.

Not two weeks have passed since Moments’ closing day, but Chin’s dedication has all but left us already wondering when we would get another glimpse of his beautiful talent and deeply motivating passion.

His revived application of traditional forms that have, for a period, been cast in the shadows of digital media, boasts much sparks that complement current resurging interests in traditional pen-and-brush forms like calligraphy and other historically established media. Exciting times.


To stay up-to-date or catch up with more of such talents and their inspirational work, visit Ode to Art’s official platform: or email them at

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