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All in the Attitude

The ideal body, cosmetic superiority and skincare that cost a bomb – essential currencies in this world played on rounds of media indoctrination and standards of beauty. Enter social media; in a society where self-esteem is increasingly aligned with social media acceptance, more room only opens to problematize self-esteem. Becoming an increasingly pertinent cause for concern, we can only ponder the extent of which this potentially new ailment will embed itself in the generations to come as technology creeps into our SMART-lives.

A like for a like, and a share invites a reaction. Such that would have mostly sounded negligible just a few years back are now capable of witnessing soured bonds and broken self-esteem, as they become new measures of one’s worth within society. However, how truly valuable are self-validation and confidence reaped through such means in the face of character building and real-world challenges?

Moving to Asia from a life and job in New York City, 32-year old Filipino-American, Jackie Zapata, flung herself into a foreign market where she began to bravely challenge the unknown. This strong, beautiful, and confident all-rounder did not make it by giving in to social pressures and expectations. Despite doubts from family and friends, Zapata decided to pursue her interests in fitness and fashion, daring herself to explore new avenues, most famously by joining the second season of hit reality TV show, Fit for Fashion, which she went on to win.

Pitted against 13 other contestants over a course of 10 weeks, Zapata was put through a series of grueling challenges. The L’ET team caught up with her for an up-close and personal interview, as she shared her views and spoke of how she kept herself motivated all the way to the top of the competition. In one of her most memorable instances, she recalls having to face her fear of water, where she felt closest to being helplessly unable to overcome the challenge set before her.

Steeling her resolve and with a dogged end-goal determination in mind, she would constantly remind herself, “if things got tough, I had to visualize myself eventually making it to the next week… and visualization was key to actually executing it. Next thing I knew I was victorious!” A means to which Zapata found was effective in keeping her motivation up, especially in likewise dire situations, when she only has herself to turn to.

“Always remember rule number one: never give up, and rule number two: never forget rule number one.” Cliché, but otherwise highly effective, as also concurred by some of Forbes’ top success stories. Her firm stance is a result of the ability to tap into confidence for strength, to overcome seemingly impossible tasks that were dished out throughout the competition.


"Confidence and believing in yourself are a few of the most important things to getting through your journey in anything you do."

- Jackie Zapata, Fit for Fashion Winner


Applying it to her life after winning the competition, Zapata found herself pursuing dreams of becoming both a model and fitness advocate across Southeast Asia; successfully proving herself, yet again, against doubts that were placed upon her by family, friends, and even herself. She now actively practices a healthy lifestyle of looking and feeling good.

“Confidence and believing in yourself are a few of the most important things to getting through your journey in anything you do.” Perhaps the most important of all the statements made thus far. Her words carry a much-needed inspiration that hopefully evoke greater moments of reflection and encourage higher confidence in everyday individuals, as we traverse the excessively judgmental society of today.

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