Decked in Leather

Luxurious is the rave of prancing down a bustling street decked in the most outrageous and eye-catching styles. Imaginations of paparazzi gathered round the front porch, wanting in on every part of your otherwise glim and glam lifestyle.

However, not all is pretty in things meant beautiful. As fashion comes under scrutiny over the ages, specifically in its cruel use of animals in material. From exotic Angora Rabbit jumpers to Fox fur coats, dressing in style hides an underlying trail of bloodshed from farm to factory and store.

Last year, animal charity PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) splashed a massive crackdown exposé on Padenga Holdings crocodile farms in Zimbabwe. Kept in overcrowded pens and dirty water, the reptiles were subject to cramped living spaces ailed with infected skin turned raw and swollen over time.

Threading the fine lines of prank and publicity stunt, the pop-up store Leather Works at Central Mall Bangkok opened its doors to shoppers as a one-stop leather craft specialist store. Waltzing unbeknownst into a collection of fine leather fashion apparels, patrons were not prepared for what was in store as they scoured through rows and racks.

Closer inspection revealed still-beating hearts of crocodiles and snakes enclosed within the finely crafted bags whilst shoes, belts and other accessories were stained with mock blood. Reeled in various levels of shock and disbelief, shoppers were seen struggling to comprehend with some fleeing whence presented the harsh truth of cruelty in the flesh.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy and Mather in collaboration with PETA, the campaign went viral over social media in a matter of days. In its bold and unorthodox methodology, it serves as a reminder behind the beauty and cruelty that is leather. Taking a stab at luxury brands and farms responsible for continued production, reinventing a reminder as to what extent we should support and allow for such acts to continue for the sake of fashion.

Blood diamond, blood leather?

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