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Wily remarks from generic advertising standpoints, “Creativity without strategy is deemed, Art” –an otherwise sore, uneducated grasp of the mechanics behind creative and art productions. It is common perception to believe the arts in all its mystery are otherwise a mesh of inspiration without planning and direction; wherein comes abstract art hanging idle in an obstinate gallery.

However the creation of art is a process which stems from expression of a deep-seated message and imagery long in the planning, much like the theme selected for the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) this year in 2016. Marking its return under festival director Ong Keng Sen, the theme for 2016 completes the trilogy of time from 2014’s Legacies (past) and 2015’s Post-Empires (present) festivals.

Titled “Potentialities”, this year moves toward a festival inclined upon innovation aimed at bringing out the voices of big industry artists alongside up-and-coming visionaries from all corners of the globe; with SIFA proudly presenting 15 new creations –a whopping three-quarter of its 20 productions throughout its main festival.

Particularly interesting is its pre-festival program, the O.P.E.N (Open. Participate. Engage. Negotiate) which spotlights artistic individuality by placing trust in the ideals of its artists to allow for freedom of expression in their own vices. Through the lens of the culturally diverse, the O.P.E.N is set to open the minds of its audience through the lens of another.

Perhaps most culturally explosive is the promise of an electrifying opening stage by rock star, Perhat Khaliq and his band Qetiq in both their native tongue of Uyghur (Turkey) and shockingly Mandarin. Whilst not limiting the facets to conventional art, fashion makes O.P.E.N runway with Director of Musée Galleria (Paris) Olivier Saillard presenting Models Never Talk –a performance with ironic intention to give runway models a voice.

Art may not be as doggedly blatant as that of advertising but it is in its right a subliminal criminal of critical thought and messaging. Fortunately art and its appreciation are growing in recent years, seeing increased visitations from patrons of all ages. Whether for that Instagram-worthy shot or for deeper reasons, delving into a gallery of works quiets the mind to think –giving space for limitless imagination and viewpoints to surface.

If you are an art enthusiast or are looking for a place to find solace, plan your coming days around the O.P.E.N (22nd Jun – 09th Jul) and the SIFA (11th Aug – 17th Sept).

The new O.P.E.N pass ($45) offers full access to all O.P.E.N programs and also entitles pass holders to 25% discounts on SIFA performances and programs. Early bird ticket sales for both the O.P.E.N and SIFA are now available on SISTIC outlets and online at till 8th May 2016.

View the slideshow below for some of the featured works from SIFA 2016.

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