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Seen it trending down your Facebook newsfeed or featured over celebrity news channels? The name Ke$ha comes as one rivaling top stories comparable to rants by Donald Trump in the parliamentary elections going on concurrently, over in the United States.

For over a year and a half, the singer has been seeking reprise for her contractual agreements with international music label, Sony. Coming to light hotter than ever with each passing day, the case involves allegations of rape and abuse against renowned music producer Luke Gottwald –leading to the appeal for an early injunction of abovementioned contract so she may be released from the record company.

Not your conventional medical specialist but otherwise better known as Dr. Luke all around Hollywood, the music producer is being accused of having emotionally and physically abusing Ke$ha for years; dating back as early as whence the singer was 19 years of age. Where the singer claims she developed an eating disorder apart from being drugged and raped.

To which, many were in awe at the verdict set in court by New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich last Friday1 –rejecting the appeal to dissolving the singer’s contract with Kemosabe Records, owned in partnership with Dr. Luke. In her defense, she states the lack of evidence pertaining to emotional and physical abusive claims are overruled largely by the clauses within the contract signed by both parties.

According to statements by Sony, the company is unable to extend additional aid to “free” the singer –as it is firstly unable to override the negotiations made directly with Kemosabe without the approval of Dr. Luke himself. According to Luke’s lawyer, the singer is allowed to produce songs without the need to do so with her ‘alleged abuser’ –under the condition she still works under the company and Sony’s umbrella network.

A questionable solution as it does little to alleviate the situation presented that Ke$ha and her music still fall under the production ownership of her supposed ‘abusers’. The uncomfortable predicament plays a big part on the reasons for her plea of release from the record label altogether.

However, all does not seem bleak as fans and other celebrities alike show their support for Kw$ha in these trying times. Some even offering to provide aid in the form of collaborations2 with none topping Taylor Swift’s very generous USD$250,000 donation.

From this 2-year long court case, it does seem there are more things to assess in the United States than answering to whom the new candidacy of Presidency should be ‘awarded’ to. Tragic sob story or a reason to taking closer looks at the systems and binding contracts created within the vast music industry? You decide.

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