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She Be Devil

(Photo credits: Madonna Rebel Heart Tour website)

Ending the month with a poppin’ bang comes the much-anticipated Rebel Heart Tour by International pop icon, Madonna. Rated for possible sexual references, the R18 concert has drawn much talk in town not just from adoring fans in Singapore.

After cracking down hard with petition in hand –on Adam Lambert’s appearance at the Singapore New Year’s countdown stage, part of the Christian community are once again taking a hit at a celebrity guest; this time at the ‘Queen of Pop’. Aside from a ‘moderately chaste kiss’ with Britney Spears in 2003 –remembered in Me Against The Music inclining towards possible LGBTI notions, Madonna is being accused of other anti-Christian sentiments.

As a pre-emptive, Singapore and the Media Development Authority (MDA) held discussions with the concert organizer, Live Nation Lushington whom agreed to have the specifically controversial Holy Water segment revised and later removed to alleviate possible religious outrage. However, the changes phased not the disagreements in several religious communities; seemingly intent on discouraging the populous from supporting the concert on a whole.

Archbishop William Goh spoke out about the Catholic ‘moral obligations’, pointing out that one should not support that which seeks to insult religions and anti-Christian ideals. He states, “There is no neutrality in faith; one is either for or against. Being present in itself, is a counter witness. Obedience to God and His commandments must come before the arts.” –referring to the act of attending her concert, a disrespectful act which otherwise would be seen as equivalent to allowing sin into one’s life.

Leading many to participate in the squabble of right and wrongs presented by the age-old Holy Scriptures –with sides calling out the myopic views of the Church whilst the other emphasizes on the need to boycott ‘pseudo-arts’ and its relations to anti-Christian antics. Albeit at the dismay of art-inclined fans, the concert is expected to take place without featured pole-dancing nuns at the National Stadium starting at 8pm tomorrow.

Here’s to hoping this will not be Madonna’s very first and last concert in Singapore. Weigh the balance in Art vs. Religion, should there be a consensus or an ultimatum in the ban?

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