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Skirting Issues?

It is effectively sixteen years past the second millennium off the official cosmic calendar and the human race is finally in debates involving gender binaries in the faux skin we don; thank you Adam & Eve. Earlier last year 17-year-old son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden Smith caused quite a global stir with being selected as the face of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection –specifically that of ads featuring the women’s collection. Dressed in knee-length skirts and sporting the androgynous, child-now-teen celebrity has all but garnered attention for his gender-fluid fashion sense –though significantly less extravagant than the many metamorphic flavours of Lady Gaga.

Known for his exceptional tact in dealing with paparazzi, Jaden has since drawn much attention and debate from multiple sources on his genderless outlook to fashion. With main discussions speaking out on his failure to abide by gender norms and some even going as far as to question his sexuality, one would assume a voracious turnaround in response to societal pressures. However, the teen continues to take to his social media platforms –particularly Instagram in a calm manner, fashioning his posts toward the vibes of artistic endeavours. Citing an interview with the MSFTSrep Movement, he points out his reasoning as the identification to the term misfit –being in short, an individual who is actively finding his identity through a collective minority before they are able to find themselves. To which he supports with “A baby learns through mimicking, mimicking words then sentences. Once they understand, they become independent, intricate thinkers and speakers where they then find and express themselves.” A valid point he further took to explaining the course taken should be done without judgment and contempt, preventing inhibition whilst exploring the variant niches that come with personal interests. As more countries move past initial development phases, indulgence in creative and luxury labels flourish. Where womenswear have gained much in fashion weeks, men have also been featured in the limelight by earning several gender-exclusive walks indulgent to suave suits and later the casual mandarin collar. To which, fashion adopted an artistic approach when it discovered and showcased androgyny beside metrosexuality come the new millennia –a feat till today is considered fascinating as they are inspiring, at least according to fashion outlooks.

Humans have traveled through space and explored the concepts of time, modified foods for both comfort and abundance genetically; yet our take on day-to-day dress expectations on the general level seems nothing short of primitive. Have we, the proud humans with a long history forgotten about the Toga-donning ancients of Greece to Rome or shunned the masculine kilts of Scotland; to a point where we have degraded to limiting fashion based on notions that separate what a generic male or female is expected to wear to be acceptable? What is your take? Is this persecution or a tragic misunderstanding of the norms we are to cage upon ourselves in the name of fashion justice?

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