Artwork by Dave Patterson

Image Courtesy by Art Plural Gallery

Holding his premiere Asian solo exhibition here in Singapore, Dane Patterson, known for his provocative graphite-on-paper drawings, brings to us Hypothetical Arrangements at Third Floor – Art Plural Gallery. His paintings employ photo-realistic portrayals that distort our common conceptions of a living space. Taking the tradition of still-life compositions and bringing it further, his highly aesthetic rendition eliminates human presence and re-imagines conventional perceptions of such spaces.

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, how often do we stop by, just for a second to think about the most fundamental of matters? Rushing down from the office, crossing busy traffic before hitting that coffee joint right round the corner. Joining the queue, reciting the order over and over in your mind – your regular fix, your favourite colleague’s macchiato and the boss’s long black –all to make best use of those precious extra minutes when placing your order with the cashier. The everyday crowd whizzes by in similar fashion, going by their own everyday businesses. But, what exactly is this “everyday”?

How often have we stopped to ponder how complacent we have become? Whence we came to understand that time is money, we go about seeking the best routes to which we will arrive quickest at our goals – everything else made secondary, because, well, “adults shouldn’t dwell on impractical stuffs”.

Whence we came to focus on getting real and forging our businesses of proper prospects, we also became efficient. Understanding our focus became second nature, as we methodically pondered the most productive examinations. We became accustomed to the existence of differences between questions – differences that exist according to the unspoken measurements of importance. Soon, much fewer questions arise and we begin to whizz by the days, following well-run motions that worked well toward efficiency. And soon, we forget that we weren’t built to recognize the difference between a bar-top and a display shelf; we were taught as we followed themotion adopting what would become a part of us.

Adept at seeking productivity, we brought into existence the labelling of matters as trivial. Commonality became the epitome of triviality: questions involving the common sense became unwarranted. Dropping by our favourite coffee joint, we inherently register that “mugs are meant for drinks” and “things like portraits and advertisements should be hung or displayed along the walls” – we don’t ever wonder why anymore. Who ever concluded a natural correlative law between drinks and mugs or walls and hanging?

Patterson’s works function excellent in that it brings us back to the basics. His carefully arranged spaces appearing deliberated and untouched removing the human warmth, leaving cold hard hypothetical arrangements that do not fit comfortably within our imaginations. It forces doubt and deep consideration on our comfortably ingrained recognition of daily arrangements, their functions and our expectations.

Experience the wonder of reigniting that inquisitive child within you with Patterson’s Hypothetical Arrangements at Third Floor, a striking space within the Gallery that proactively grants exposure for emerging talents across the various artistic disciplines. Ever dedicated to showcasing poignant contemporary art and design, Art Plural Gallery will be running this exhibition from 9th October 2014 until the 15th of November 2014.

Third Floor – Art Plural Gallery

38 Armenian Street,

Singapore 179942

T: +65 6636 8360

Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm (Mon to Sat)

Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

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