Founded and established approximately six years ago, Art Plural Gallery is home to seasonal collections by selected world-renowned artists. New to the gallery is the ‘Third Floor’ project, which focuses on up-and-coming artists and their quickly popularizing works.

Mr. Frederic de Senarclens shares with Dora Magazine and its readers a more in-depth look into the Art Plural Gallery and the Third Floor project. If you’re an aspiring artist, designer or expressive individual, you might not want to miss reading this interview.

What is Contemporary Art to you?

“To me, Contemporary Art is the reflection of our society; it is the culture of today’s world. In our global world, artists engage through various disciplines to express themselves freely within a multiplicity of contexts. The art scene today presents an interesting melting point between East and West. Artists from all over the world are eager to create intriguing narratives and powerful aesthetics.

I am interested in artists who have their own creative language and innovative, whilst remaining consistent. In the age of Internet, boundaries are being broken down; we are witnessing a virtual revolution that will certainly impact the art practices of tomorrow.”

What is your goal for Art Plural Gallery & Third Floor as a presence in Singapore? ­­

“When we arrived six years ago, we aimed to bring the best international artists to Singapore and to introduce their work in Asia. Since then we have become one of the leading galleries in Asia, and have been named by Blouin Artinfo as one of the World’s Best Galleries and Museums in the world.

We have built on our initial selection of artists and are now representing major artists from both the East and West. The perennial goal for Art Plural Gallery is to foster dialogue between cultures, be it between artists from East and West, between artists and collectors, or between art enthusiasts who want to share ideas. This is why we select artists from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, all of whom have significant stories to share.

Third Floor is an open ground for expression; dedicated to emerging talents.

The project operates on an exhibition schedule that is independent from the gallery. On this dynamic platform, located on the third floor of our gallery, we present solo and thematic exhibitions, art talks, guided tours, events and publications. The idea is to guide the passion of young collectors by offering accessible resources and tools that they can use to begin or develop their collections. It falls under the overarching philosophy of the gallery, but it is a younger and more innovative project in constant evolution.”

What are some conditions for consideration as a Third Floor feature artist candidate?

“Third Floor artists are emerging or rising, early to mid-career talents from all over the world. These artists have a powerful aesthetic and a clear voice. As an art gallery representing mostly established artists, we felt it was also our role to defend the up-and-coming talents and to lend our support.

We have made a commitment to help our Third Floor artists in the development of their career and as such, we have decided to offer them a structure where their work could be defended in the right way. Our last show featuring local talent, Sherman Ong, has received fantastic response as was the successful solo show launch of Adriana Molder.”

Art Plural Gallery

38 Armenian Street,

Singapore 179942

T: +65 6636 8360

Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm (Mon to Sat)

Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

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