In its 49th year of independence, Singapore stands tall as the South East Asian hub for trade in numerous industries; as our British colonizers once predicted.

However, it has always seen a slower growth in the fields of art and creativity. Often times coming under the scrutiny and skepticism of the older generation on its progress and feasibility in society, until now.

Through the constant effects of globalization, introduction of digital media and recent reliance on social media, society has seen change in its view towards creative pursuits. In place of brushes and pencils, many in the present day find themselves picking up camera, digital and graphic design skills to present a new verse of art.

Owner & Founder of Art Plural Gallery, Frederic de Senarclens joins Dora Magazine in an exclusive interview where he shares several of his viewpoints on the art industry in and out of Singapore today and a little introduction on his latest venture, the Third Floor Project.

What is the philosophy of Art Plural Gallery?

“The name Art Plural Gallery is underlined by a connective philosophy. We exhibit a plurality of artists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

From Chinese master of ink dots, Nan Qi to French-Argentinian artist and designer Pablo Reinoso to American twins Doug and Mike Starn, British artist Ian Davenport, the Korean Chun Kwang Young and French artist Fabienne Verdier, who was trained in traditional Chinese Ink painting.

They are also the sources of inspiration for our latest publication Art Plural: Voices of Contemporary Art. With the coming of the digital age, there comes a challenge in navigation for art collectors looking for a trustworthy source and guide for good art pieces amongst the many choices available in the market.

Our mission at the gallery is to provide a curated selection of artists whom I believe have the utmost relevance today and this list is certainly not exhaustive.”

Why did you choose Singapore to set up Art Plural Gallery?

“I decided to move to Singapore from Geneva in 2008, to participate in the island’s quickly expanding art scene and to develop my art-dealing activities in Asia. I felt we could bring an interesting contribution to the local art scene.

At the crossroads between Indonesia, China and India, Singapore is truly an important hub, attracting collectors from the entire region. Art Plural Gallery was founded in 2011 as the largest contemporary art gallery in South East Asia and we have since become a major resource for collectors and enthusiasts from all over the region.“

Is there a growing collector’s market in Singapore?

“The recent success of Art Stage 2014 shows the importance of the South East Asian market. Our Singaporean and Asian clients show remarkable knowledge and intuition when it comes to collecting art. When selecting art, they are quick to identify good quality and are able to recognize artwork most suitable to their tastes.

However, the market is still emerging and many people are looking to start a collection, so we are pleased to offer ourselves as a guiding resource for new collectors.”

What are some trends in buying contemporary art today?

“Recently there has been a major revival of ink painting in Asia. Collectors today, particularly in Asia, are drawn to contemporary artists that have taken inspiration from traditional ink painting techniques. Fabienne Verdier is a great example of this.

The French artist spent 10 years studying the traditional technique in China before adapting it into her own works. The popularity of her work in Asia was proven by the success of her major retrospective exhibition in Hong Kong last month as part of Le French May 2014.”

Continued in Part Two…

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