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“It felt very much like stepping into a retrospect, the art style and the faces; they simply demanded attention to delve further.”

Recently featured at the Art Plural Gallery’s Third Floor from 10th June to 10th July, Adriana Molder opens with two new series: The Light in the Heart (2014) and Mystery (2014).

Easily recognizable from the significant focus of faces in most of her works, the artist’s use of India ink is skillfully applied to create a multitude of layers in every piece of artwork.

Inspired from iconic persons of 1940’s suspense movies and photography from French film magazines of the 1930’s, Adriana Molder creates a personable relation in her pieces; similar to that of Andy Warhol’s famous ‘Pop Art’ styles for one.

What differentiates her is thedirection with which she takes her works. Playing upon darker themes of romance with lost love and death, her selection of palette are brazen yet simplistic to the eye. Pieces such as Us Three from The Light in the Heart series comprises of bold black and white strokes meeting vivid red to create powerful contrasts; giving character and depth to otherwise simple faces.

You can hardly pry your eyes off a piece without going through a thought-provoking process of self-reflection, caught in a tangle of familiarity with the faces and the allure of identifying with every emotion etched on them.

Detailing faces and creating characters through a play of shadows and overlapping colours, Adriana Molder flawlessly evokes an influx of emotional lust towards self-discovery and appreciation for a deeper ‘human nature’.

Adriana Molder’s work screams sensual melancholy for the human narrative and would make a fine piece of work for those who appreciate the occasional verve for life’s mysterious question on the ‘human purpose’.

For more information pertaining to the pieces of The Light in the Heart (2014) and Mystery (2014) by Adriana Molder, visit the Art Plural Gallery. Collectors may also request for assistance for queries on purchasing the collection.

Photography: Courtesy of Art Plural Gallery

Third Floor – Art Plural Gallery

38 Armenian Street,

Singapore 179942

T: +65 6636 8360

Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm (Mon to Sat)

Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

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