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Picking up the pieces..

A concept story exploring the idea of true wealth in the confidence that comes with loving the self. 

A collaboration concept story featuring the wardrobe of Menswear brand, DEBONEIRE -aiming to provide men with an awareness and appreciation for beauty in dressing the self, signifying strength and confidence; that can and should be found in oneself.


The story depicts that of a rich tycoon whom has lost most of his material wealth to the flame. Following the transition of the unsalvagable alongside his brooding situation, he gains perspective to his predicament. Rattled in this dire hour of need, he realizes true value and importance in the one thing he had not lost. 


Enlightened, he picks up the pieces and walks on into the future; knowing that true wealth lies in loving and treasuring the self above all material things. True wealth is the confidence and the loving of oneself. 

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