Blueprint 2015, All That Buzz

Fashion Tradeshow Key Visuals..

All That Buzz is the concept
featuring how the electric current that is "Hype" which passes from person to person
in a never-ending transmission.

Derived from the word “buzz” as in media, the story photography features the “Talk Of The Town” as it is being passed along like a viral hype from one host to another. Through contact with the “buzz”,  the next individual turns into a new conduit & host; passing on the Energy & Hype from Lightbulb(Conduit) to Person(Host).


“The Buzz also refers to something popular & of great interest reflected in media & word-of-mouth. The talk of the town, traveling fast like an electric current." -signifying all aspects of (i) Communication, (ii) Interaction, (iii) Connectivity within our society of today. 


Connecting like-minded people in an interest; fueling the excitement for the launch of Blueprint 2015.