A writer specialized in the fields of concept Art Direction development;  also interested to venturing further into the crafts of scripting for Screenplay, Drama, Theatre and Short Films. 


Having enjoyed writing and reading as a child, I have had a strong interest in the pursuit of narratives and story-telling.  Devoting years into enhancing myself in the fields of writing in various fields.  With an excellent command of the English language and a proficiency in speaking Japanese and Mandarin, language and wordplay are natural fortes. 


Writing marries expression and concept, to birth meaning and identity.  It is in most ways the birthstone at which creativity and origin are born. 


My life principle: Seeking ways to explore horizons.  Besting challenge and ultimately breaking the innate mental model over and over, in the pursuit of discovery that never seemingly ceases to evolve.


Education Prospects


Recently graduated

"Bachelor of Arts: Communication & Media Studies” 

at the University of Western Australia (UWA).



"Masters in Dramatic Writing”

at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University (NYU). 

Born in 1990.

Art Spirit Channeler.

Lover of Literature & History.




Creative Writing



Art/Creative Direction

Conceptual Creation


Screenplay Writing: Theatre & Short Films

Styling: Fashion/Art Conceptual


Graphic Design: Collaterals

Branding & Marketing